Update8: Pledge Level Adjustments and Stretch Goal #4

Another exciting set of announcements for the last few days of the campaign!

Your feedback has been vital to us over the past month, and as such, we made a few adjustments to our pledge levels, based on your suggestions.

These include:

• Introduction of the BRAND NEW Double bird Pledge level – twice the reward for $2,298!

• Reducing the fortune finder pledge level by $100 to $1299

• For early bird backers who are willing to acquire an extra printer, you can add $1099 to your $1199 pledge and send us a message for confirmation

ALSO -Since we are getting close to the conclusion of the campaign, we are hereby announcing the fourth stretch goal (at $520k):

$10 x 4 coupons per month for all future resin purchases via our website


For the 405nm LED module, since this will significantly add cost to the package, and not every backer will need the module, we’ve decided to send a single use coupon to backers to purchase this at the base material cost ($99, retail will be $499) via our website shortly after the campaign.


For backers who need to test and use 3rd party resins with the SLASH, a preliminary result with Makerjuice G+ resin is attached.


If we reach the $520k stretch goal, the resin coupon as well as the 405nm LED module coupon will be added to the printer package for every backer who backs us with a printer option.

Thank you for your continued support!

Z Team

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