Update 10: ‘Here and Now’ Reward Unboxing

Dear backers, the past 4 weeks has been amazingly busy and we’re working around the clock to fulfill your expectations. There are a few glitches regarding the website, online ordering, and coupon system, and we are working hard to improve these. A detailed instruction will be posted in the next update early next month together with the next month’s resin coupons.

Here we would love to share a video of the unboxing of the ‘Here and Now’ reward @Paul. Apology for the mismatching of the top side box pattern, we are negotiating with the box supplier to fix this and it will be perfect for the final product packages.

YouTube Preview Image

If you want to stop by our office and meet some of the team members, here is our address: 9400 Activity Rd Ste L, San Diego, CA 92126. Please send an email to hi@uniz3d.com for us to prepare your visit.


Z Team

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