Announcement Regarding a Fraud Website

Dear customers:
First we would like to express our gratitude to your trust and support for Uniz Technology LLC as well as our product and service.
Recently we have noticed that a website being extremely similar to our official website and uses our copyrighted photos and technical data for its own fraud sales. After careful examinations and communications with our sales partners, we have concluded that this website ( is fraud. Uniz Technology LLC has never authorized any uses of our copy-righted material for this fraud website, including but not limited to our information, words, photos, and videos. Uniz has no relation with the fraud website (, and they are not our authorized product reseller or service provider.
Since the fraud website ( has violated our legal rights, we are forced to take legal actions. We have taken all necessary evidence of the fraud website to file a law suit, and a Cease and Desist letter has already been sent by our lawyer to the fraud website as well. We recommend all our customers double checking the authentication of website before placing an order. Please contact us at directly if you have any doubts or problem.
Finally we declare that the only official website of Uniz Technology LLC is, our EU site is under construction and will be under the same URL as a sub-site only. Please purchase our products and services from our official website or from your local distributor, and help us identify any possible illegal activities.

Uniz Technology LLC
November 30, 2017